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Prima Power Laser Genius

Amazing performance and extraordinary talent

Laser Genius is the laser machine which simplifies your work and improves your profit.

Laser Genius has been developed to answer the most challenging expectations and combines Platino’s flexibility with excellent dynamic performance and high levels of efficiency and accuracy, thanks to the innovative use of materials such as carbon fiber and synthetic granite.

Its efficiency is further enhanced by the high-dynamics linear motors, allowing an increased productivity up to +15% with respect to traditional systems.

The new cutting head and the dedicated optional suites (SMART Cut, MAX Cut and NIGHT Cut) optimize the laser cutting process for each application.

The protection cabin is available in two versions: LEAN, faster to install and with an attractive price, and OPEN, with higher accessibility to the work area.

Laser Genius can be equipped with the new CF series fiber laser generator by Prima Power: all the advantages of a sole supplier.