A modern combi machine uses numerically controlled, servo-electric axes, which provides outstanding energy efficiency, low maintenance requirement and a high speed of operation. The cornerstones of its productivity include large tool capacity, the wide range of tools available and easy and fast set-up change. As the best laser power source for the combi machine, the genuine fiber laser has a very high efficiency. Its highest utilization degree is conveniently suitable for material thicknesses less than 8 mm designed for the machine. Forming and other auxiliary work stages and ease of use are further factors reducing the manufacturing cost per component thus making the combi machine a productive and competitive manufacturing solution.

Combi Genius combines the benefits of this punching performance with the latest in fiber laser cutting, raising the productivity of the highly versatile integrated manufacturing concept to a new level. As the laser source, a fiber resonator of either 3 kW or 4 kW can be chosen. The optimized cutting head, collimator, transfer fiber and cutting parameters ensure a very high cutting quality and speed.


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