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Component of the Turret Punch Press Machine

The turret punch machine is mainly composed of three parts:

  1. Turret press
  2. Turret tooling
  3. Turret workbench

The turret punch also consists of the turret die holder and a turret punch guide block. These components are mounted on the turret indexing table, which can be rotated to repeat patterns and indexed up to 7 standard positions. The turret sheet metal press tooling includes the turret punch cylinder, guide block, and turret plate. These components are mounted on the turret die holder.

Punching Machine Operation:

  1. Only one operator is required: Turret punching machine operations can be performed by one operator because the turret punch uses turret tooling to control and index turret position. The turret sheet metal press can easily repeat parts without requiring any other equipment besides a turret die holder, which makes it an ideal choice for job shops with limited space or budgets.
  2. Operation under CNC control: Turret tooling is installed in the turret, and the turret position is indexed under CNC control. Turret positioning and turret indexing are performed under CNC control, which provides a turret tool. The majority of turret punches are CNC-controlled, allowing for automated placement of the metal sheet beneath the device and a programmed selection of specific tools in a single operation. 
  3. Programming Punching Machine: The turret punch machine can be programmed in five steps: turret tooling installation, turret position setup, turret quantity programming, rotation start, and turret stop.


Turret Punch Press for Sale

We now understand the fundamental qualities to look for when purchasing or selling a turret punching machine:

  • Brands: The turret punching machine currently used in your turret sheet metal press line should be compatible with the turret punch machine you are purchasing or selling.
  • Years of Service: The ideal machine is one that has been well-maintained for its lifetime. The turret punching machine should have at least five turret press years of service or more, so your turret sheet metal press line has properly been cared for.
  • Custom-machined parts: Not all turret punch presses are created equal. A turret sheet metal press that has customized parts can better meet the needs of turret punch machine operators.
  • Quality: Turret punch presses are made with high-quality materials that can withstand long hours of turret punching machine use.
  • Guarantee & Warranty: Turret punch presses for sale are guaranteed to work well within the capacity and production requirements you set. Some turret punching machines come with a warranty to cover parts and turret die holder components.
  • PRICES RANGE: Turret punching machines are available at prices that range from $20,000 to over $100,000. 


Advantages of Turret Punching Machine:

  • Reduces turret production times: Turret punching machines create turret production faster than can be made by hand. This turret sheet metal press is more cost-effective and increases turret die productivity as turret punches are installed on a turret press.
  • Greater turret tooling capacity: Turret punching machines have turret tooling that consists of turret press, turret punch sizes within turret die holder manufacturer specifications. These turret sheet metal presses can handle turret sheets of greater thicknesses than made by hand.
  • Prevents injury: Turret punching machines enable turret punch operators to avoid repetitive stress injuries caused by the extensive use of turret punches. Operators can work with turret punch machines without risk to their well-being.


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