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What Is A Plate Rolling Machine?

A plate rolling machine is a tool for continuous plate rolling. This machine can be used to bend sheet metal and flat bar stock. Plate rollers are ideal for the processing of steel plates, especially large steel plates. Compared to other metal stamping methods, it has the advantages of quick-change operation and standardization. It is easy to use, but at the same time, can ensure product quality requirements.

The principle of the plate rolling machine is to use friction between the upper roller and lower roller to bend the metal sheet. It rotates the rollers at different speeds so that the workpiece has a certain degree of deformation, which can achieve the desired shape.

What Types Of Plate Rolling Machines Are Available To Us?

Plate rollers for sale have different specifications. These can be divided into heavy-duty rollers and medium-duty rollers. The heavy-duty plier has a larger diameter and is designed to process large plates. The medium plier has a smaller diameter and is generally used for processing small plates. We have heavy-duty plate rollers for plate rolling in shipbuilding and mechanical manufacturing. They are used for electric power equipment manufacturing, boiler production, petroleum refining equipment manufacturing, paper making machinery manufacturing.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Plate Rolling Machine?

Plate roll machines are standardized into several different features. Most of them are based on workpiece weight. These can be divided into heavy-duty rolls, medium-duty rolls, and light-duty rolls. The following is a general guideline-

1. Heavy-duty rolls can process large plates, including bridge plate roll, bridge plate automatic roll, and so on.

2. Light duty rolls can process small plates, such as hand type continuous rolling machines.

3. Medium-duty rolls are suitable for processing medium-sized plates. It can be divided into heavy pliers and light pliers according to the weight of the workpiece.

How Can You Use Plate Rolls?

Plate rolling machines can process various types of plates, but this equipment is used for processing bridge plates. The bridge plate roll machine can be divided into two major categories according to the structure of its hydraulic system. The heavy-duty rollers are single-column type hydraulic units. These are installed on a flat surface, and the structure of the axis is simple and reliable. The yaw angle can be adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder. The working platform used for light pliers is mainly double-column type structures. It ensures that the workbench does not affect the normal processing of the upper and lower die pairs during operation.

Both heavy-duty rollers and light pliers have different installation requirements for casters, depending on their own weight. The heavy-duty roller requires four pieces of casters, while the light plier needs 2 to 3 pieces of casters, depending on the size.

Why Choose Metal Ready For Plate Rolling Machine?

Metal Ready uses standard plate rolls for sale with a high degree of automation and control. We have set the production standards in the market of sheet metal processing equipment. Our heavy-duty pliers adopt imported bearings and gears. It also ensures reliable operation performance at full speed. In addition to the H-type support structure design, our NP25N and NP35N can also be used as stand-alone units or installed on a workbench. Their rotational inertia exceeds industry standards by more than 50%. They feature low noise levels, long service life, and easy maintenance features that save time and money.

We offer after-sale service upon request anytime and anywhere. It ensures a smooth production process. As a result, clients may relax about post-sale issues that arise as a result of miscommunication. We offer factory prices all the time based on large quantities ordered at one time. It helps us build long-term partnerships and cooperation. These things are very important these days when lots of cheap products are flooding into the market.

Metal Ready has built an impressive reputation for manufacturing sheet metal production equipment. We are confident you will be pleased with our products and service. We offer superior quality, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and great customer service. Whatever your needs are for sheet metal processing, we have the best solution for you.


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