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Industrial Metal Bandsaw

Industrial metal bandsaws are used in metal shops to cut metal into different shapes, usually by hand. This versatile machine can make long or short cuts on various materials with its sharp blade. Many industrial metal cutting machines have detachable blades, which can be changed for specific tasks like making curves and grooves in metal plates.

When metal cutting bandsaws are used for metal, they can make long or short cuts on the material with their sharp blade. Because industrial metal-cutting bandsaws have detachable blades, this type of machine is very versatile. It can be changed to suit specific tasks like making curves and grooves in metal plates. To complete your metal shop, metal-cutting bandsaws are a great investment.

Commercial Band Saw for Sale

If you need a metal-cutting bandsaw for sale, Metal Ready has the widest selection of industrial metal machines that can accommodate your needs. We carry metal cutting bandsaws in different shapes and sizes to suit all projects, from woodworking to metalwork. If you want more control over your machine, various types of detachable blades are available to purchase separately, making this a very versatile product!

Industrial metal band saws cut through irregular or curved shapes with its sharp blade, constantly moving without being slowed down by the material it cuts through. The unique ability makes these power tools extremely useful as they can be changed using their separate blades for tasks like making curves and grooves in metal plates. If you need industrial metal cutting bandsaws, we have the widest selection of metal-cutting bandsaws for sale!

Buyer’s Guide

If you buy an industrial bandsaw, you need to know a few things to consider before buying it.

  1. Design And Size - The design and size of the metal cutting band saw affect how much it will cost you. The metal-cutting bandsaws that have a vertical structure are usually more expensive than horizontal metal-cutting bandsaws because they do not take up as much room in your metal workshop. Vertical machines also require less maintenance, so this might be an essential consideration for metal-cutting bandsaws for sale.
  2. Speed - Some metal-cutting bandsaw speeds can go up to 3600 SPM. The speed of the metal cutting band saw is vital because if it cuts too quickly, it might leave marks on your metal sheets or cause vibration in the machine itself.
  3. Safety Features - Aside from the protective gear, the cutting machine should include extra safety features. A metal-cutting bandsaw with a blade brake and coolant dispersion system is more expensive than metal-cutting bandsaws without these. This might not be important for everyone, but metal shops that cut metal daily will definitely benefit from this kind of protection.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw Functions

The metal-cutting bandsaw has different functions depending on the blade type you use.

  1. Cutting metal - The metal cutting band saw is used for this function when a sharp, thin metal blade with many teeth to cut through metal at high speeds is used. This kind of machine can also be adjusted vertically or horizontally based on your needs and space availability.
  2. Cutting metal and wood - When a metal blade is used on the metal-cutting bandsaw, it can also be cut into metal and wooden pieces with sharp teeth. The machine adjusts to your needs depending on whether you make long or short cuts in metal sheets. This band saw usually has safety features like a coolant dispersion system to keep the metal-cutting bandsaw in good condition.
  3. Cutting wood - If you want to cut wooden pieces, a metal cutting band saw can also do this with its separate blade for softer materials. Because of its sharp teeth and speed, if used on hardwood or metal sheets, it will make different kinds of marks depending on how long your cuts are made. This type of metal-cutting bandsaw should have protective features like safety gloves and glasses and an adjustable design for better functionality!


To complete your metal shop, industrial metal cutting band saws are an excellent investment. They are versatile metal-cutting bandsaws used to cut metal into different shapes, usually by hand. With detachable blades and the ability to make long or short cuts on various materials with its sharp blade, metal cutting band saws can complete many projects in your metal workshop! Metal Ready is your metal band saw expert, offering metal cutting bandsaws for sale in various forms and sizes to suit all metal works.


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