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Industrial plasma cutters are an extremely versatile power tool used nearly everywhere. Consequently, they can be hard to get details about and somewhat challenging to use. Therefore, I’m writing this article so that others who want to try them won’t have difficulty figuring it out.

These tools are the cornerstone of most metalworkers' careers and can be used to cut, gouge, or even sculpt metal in nearly any way imaginable. Although they tend to be large and somewhat expensive, there is no tool more versatile than this for cutting through steel. If you want to cut metal fast and effortlessly, this is the tool for you.

The function of Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine work

The basic idea of an arc welder is to use electricity to weld together two pieces of metal, rearranging the structure of one or both in the process. When most metals are exposed to the gas, they will form a layer of oxide on their surface, which acts as insulation against further oxidation, preventing them from rusting. This is why the surface of a metal oxidizes into a sheen that looks like rust but isn't actually flaky or crumbly.

The arc welder works by first heating up the two pieces of metal to be joined so that they melt and combine, then using this molten connection as one electrode to ionize gasses which then become a conductor and complete the circuit. Once that is done, electricity can flow, and an arc will be created, which heats up the metal to many thousands of degrees. This superheated metal easily melts and combines with other pieces of metal on-site as directed by the user of the tool.

Features of Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine:

The construction of a plasma cutter is very simple and straightforward, and the general principles behind its operation are easy enough to understand. Industrial plasma cutters do not require any special knowledge or training to set up or use, but understanding how they work will help you get the most out of your purchase.

Operation Principle:

The arc welder works by using the electricity from a power source to ionize gasses which then conduct electricity. The motion of the cutting torch makes it possible for this motion to be guided by the user, and there are usually knobs that allow you varying levels of control over how far apart or close together the two pieces of metal one wishes to weld.

Industrial plasma cutters are categorized by the power of their plasma torches, which is measured in amperage. A lower number means that it's less powerful and can be used to weld thinner metal. For example, a 25A torch will work fine for most light to medium-weight steel applications, but thicker or denser metals may require more power.

Industrial metal plasma cutter machines are used nearly everywhere there is welding or metalworking, and the torch tips are the only part that gets worn out over time. Replacement tips can be ordered individually from most suppliers, but it's also possible to buy an entirely new assembly for relatively little money if necessary.

How to choose the right plasma cutter?

Choosing a plasma cutter can be difficult, as their specifications and capabilities vary widely between brands and models. The key is to first decide what you will be using your plasma cutter for most: light metal work like sheet metal or exhaust pipes, or thick steel used in machine parts and extremely thick metal plates.

Once you know this, it's a simple matter to decide which size and power of plasma cutter are best for your needs. If you are doing most work with medium steel, look for a plasma cutter in the 40-80A range; thicker metal requires more cutting power and thus a higher amp range like 100-160A or higher.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting Machine:

  • Plasma cutters are extremely easy to use, which is one of their biggest selling points. Even an inexperienced user can get the hang of using a plasma cutter within just a few minutes, making this machine an excellent choice for beginners or people who are more comfortable with manual tools.
  • It's possible to create very clean cuts that are free of excessive burnt material, slag, or discoloration. Plasma cutters can cut through metal extremely quickly and efficiently, allowing one to complete a project within just a few minutes if necessary.
  • The equipment is quite affordable compared to other cutting tools that are used for the same purposes.
  • Only Flux Core Welding Can Be Done.
  • Easy Operation.
  • Less Expensive Than Other Cutting Methods.

About Metal Ready

Metal Ready is a company dedicated to providing customers with the best possible products and services. We sell plasma cutters for different purposes to meet the requirements of every industry, from welding shops or car dealerships to welding supply distributors or commercial greenhouse growers. We also offer parts and replacement generators as well as repair services to keep your equipment up and running.


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