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Functional Features of the Tube Cutting Machine

Cutting Head: The most important feature of the tube cutting machine is the cutting head. The cutting head is what does the actual cutting. It needs to be able to rotate 360 degrees so that it can cut tubes of different sizes and shapes. The cutting head should also be made of high-quality hardened steel so that it can withstand the wear and tear of cutting through metal. 

Another important feature of the tube cutting machine is the table. The table is used to support the tube while it is being cut. The table can be raised or lowered to accommodate different sizes of tubes. 

Safety guards: The machine should also be equipped with safety guards like blade guards and eye shields. These safety guards will protect the operator from the cutting blades. 

Emergency Stop: The machine is equipped with an emergency stop button that can stop the machine in case of an emergency. 

Tube Processor: The tube processor is an optional component that can be added to the machine. The tube processor can be used to deburr the edges of the tube and chamfer the ends of the tube.

Handle: The handle that is connected to a cutting blade. The blade can rotate and cut through the tubing by turning the handle. 

How to Choose the Right Tube Cutting Machine for Your Business

When it comes to metal tube cutting machines, there are many options on the market. So, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. The type of tubes you need to cut. There are machines designed for cutting both round and square tubes. If you only need to cut one type of tube, you can narrow your search down to machines specialising in that cutting.
  2. The thickness of the tubes you need to cut. Some machines are designed for cutting thin-walled tubes, while others can handle thicker-walled tubes. Knowing the thickness of the tubes you need to cut will help you eliminate some machines from your search.
  3. The length of the tubes you need to cut. Tube cutting machines vary in the size of the tube they can accommodate. If you only need to cut short lengths of tubes, then you don’t need a machine that can handle long lengths.
  4. Your budget. Tube cutting machines range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Your budget will play a big role in determining which machine is right for your business.


Types of Tube Cutting Machines

Laser tube cutting machines: are the most popular type of tube cutting machines. They can be used for both commercial and industrial tube processing.

There are two main types of tube laser cutting machines: ube lasers and CO2 lasers. Ube lasers are more expensive but have a higher cutting speed and can cut thicker materials. CO2 lasers are less expensive but have a lower cutting speed and can only cut thin materials.

Tube cutting laser machines can also be classified by their power source: air-cooled or water-cooled. 

Air-cooled laser cutting machines are less expensive but require more maintenance than water-cooled laser cutting machines. 

Water-cooled laser cutting machines are more costly but have a longer life span and require less maintenance.

Automatic tube cutting machines: These machines are designed for high-volume commercial tube processing. They can be programmed to cut tubes of a specific size and shape.

A computer controls CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tube cutting machines. They can be programmed to cut tubes of a specific size and shape.


The benefits of using a tube cutting machine

Clean, accurate cuts: A tube cutting machine will produce clean, accurate cuts. This is important if you need to cut tubes for welding or other applications where precise cuts are required.

Reduced material waste: A tube cutting machine will help you reduce material waste. When cut tubes are not needed, the material can be recycled or reused.

Faster production: A tube cutting machine can help you to increase production speed. This is because the machine can be programmed to make multiple cuts at once.

Improved safety: A tube cutting machine can help to improve safety in the workplace. This is because the operator does not need to be near the cutting area.

Reduced operator fatigue: Cutting tubes by hand can be physically demanding. A tube cutting machine takes the strain out of cutting tubes, which reduces operator fatigue.


Here is Where Metal Ready Comes In

Metal Ready is a specialist in metal tube cutting machines. We have a wide range of machines that are designed for cutting both round and square tubes. Our machines can accommodate tubes of various thicknesses and lengths.

And we have a team of experts who can help you choose the right machine for your business. We also provide training and support to ensure that you’re using your machine to its full potential.

If you’re looking for a tube cutting machine, then Metal Ready is the place to come. Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out more about our machines and how we can help you increase productivity in your business.


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