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Metal Shearing Machine Working Principle

The metal shear machine works by cutting metal sheets like butter. This machine consists of a bed, shear blades, clamping device, and hydraulic or mechanical system.

Modern sheet metal shear machines have two blades, one stationary in the shear bed and the other moving vertically with little or no clearance. The sheering is done from one sheet metal side to the other. The angular arrangement of the blades is called the rake.

In industrial metal shear machines, rake and clearance are determined by the type and thickness of the material to be cut. A press type shear's upper blade is angled at .5 degrees, and the lower blade is angled at 2.5 degrees to the shear bed. 

The metal sheets are placed on the bed of the shearing machine and clamped down. The upper cutting blade then moves down and cuts through the metal sheet easily. 

However, traditional shear cutting machines have a fixed bed with one blade, a vertically ascending crosshead, and a series of hold-down pins or feet that keep the material in place while cutting.


Functional Features of a Metal Shear Machine

A shear cutting machine is a cutting tool that uses linear shear forces to cut through the material. The best shear cutting machines have several features that make them ideal for cutting through metal. 

A powerful motor: This motor is powerful and can handle the most challenging material. The industrial metal shear generates a high shear force that can make even the most stubborn material give way.

Sharp Cutting Blades: The shear cutting machine is composed of two main parts: the upper shear blade and the lower shear blade. The upper shear blade is mounted on a fixed platform, while the lower shear blade is mounted on a moveable platform. Together, these two blades form a cutting surface that can easily shear through metal. 

A hydraulically or pneumatic piston: The piston moves the lower shear blade up and down. This piston is controlled by a hand lever, making it easy to operate the shear cutting machine with one hand. 

Safety guard: The safety guard protects the operator from the moving blades. This is an important safety feature that helps prevent accidents.

Sturdy frame: Supports the weight of the metal sheets and does not easily buckle or collapse.

An adjustable cutting depth: It allows you to cut through metal sheets of different thicknesses. You can easily adjust the depth of your cut, so you don't have to worry about damaging the material you're working with.


Different Types of Shear Cutting Machine

There are different types of metal shears for sale. There are four types of shear machines classified by the power system they use, the type of metal they can cut, and the size and capacity of the metal sheets they can handle. 

Pneumatic metal shear machines: These metal shear machines use compressed air to power the cutting blades. They are ideal for cutting through thin metal sheets. 

Hydraulic metal shear machines: These metal shear machines use hydraulic power to operate the cutting blades. They are ideal for cutting through thick metal sheets. 

Electric metal shear machines: These metal shear machines use electric power to operate the cutting blades. They are ideal for cutting through both thin and thick metal sheets. 

CNC Shearing Machine: A CNC shearing machine is a type of metal shear machine that uses computer numerical control to operate. The machine is very precise and can cut metal sheets into desired shapes and sizes. 

The CNC shearing machine is very easy to use and is very versatile. It can be used for a variety of projects. 


Benefits of having a Shear Cutting Machine

Sheet metal shear machines trim metal sheets into the desired shape or size. Metal shearing is a very precise way to cut metal compared to other metal cutting methods. 

Precision: Shear machines are excellent tools that can cut metal sheets into desired sizes with great precision. With these machines, you can achieve clean, symmetrical cuts that are impossible to achieve by hand. 

Powerful: Industrial shears are powerful pieces of machinery that can handle even the thickest metal with ease, making metal shearing a very efficient way to cut metal. 

Speed: Metal shear machines are much faster than manual metal cutting methods. They can quickly and easily trim metal sheets into the desired shape or size, thus increasing productivity. 

Efficiency: Metal shear machines are very efficient. They use linear shear forces to cut metal, which is an efficient way to cut metal. 


Projects Where you can use Shear Cutting Machines

Metalworkers, fabricators, and garages use shearing machines. They are also sometimes used by hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. 

Some of the most popular projects that can be completed with a metal shear machine include:

  • Cutting metal sheets into desired shapes and sizes
  • Cutting metal sheets for roofing
  • Cutting metal sheets for ductwork
  • Cutting metal sheets for metal fabrication 
  • Cutting metal sheets for car bodies 


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