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Bending sheet material with a WEMO machine can be split into five categories: Swivel bending, roll-bending and press braking, CNC bending, Variable radius bending and Corner forming.

CNC Bending technology

WEMO CNC bending technique
The most important feature of our CNC bending machine is the infinitely variable CNC controlled X-Y movement of the bending beams. This allows the bending radius to be determined by the program.

• Suitable for material thicknesses up to 1.5 mm.
• Minimal exterior radius of twice the material thickness.
• No extra costs for bending gap adjustment.
• High bending speed (0.5 sec. up or down).
• Electrically driven.
• Thanks to the modular concept, large lengths (e.g. 6 m) can also be supplied.

Swivel Bending Technology

With swivel bending, the product is clamped between a stationary and a moving clamping beam, after which the bending beam bends the product around a clamping beam. The beams are installed in one or more swivel-bending modules. Together, these modules form the swivel bending machine. Due to the rigidity of the construction, the bending beam does not need to be curved.

Roll-bending and press braking

WEMO has designed a combined roll-bending and press braking machine for the production of Roller Shutter Boxes. These casings are made of pre-painted aluminium with a thickness varying from 0.5 – 1.0 mm. The entire line consists of a reel, a straightening machine, a profiling line, a sawing machine and finally a combined roll-bending and press braking machine. By combining these processes in one single machine, manual actions and intermediate stock are eliminated.

Corner Forming technology

Cold forming of seamless corners in pre-formed sections of thin sheet material is particularly suitable if the closed corner does not require any finishing. This bending technique is an attractive alternative for deep forming and welding and is also suitable for pre-painted material and SS. You can use the machine as an independent production unit or integrate it into an authorized production line. Corner forming is also a good solution for smaller batches and the length and width settings do not require any product-specific tools. Corner forming is a good solution for the production of office furniture, doors for electrical cabinets and household appliances. Moreover, the aesthetic and hygienic qualities of the corners are an additional advantage in the food sector and anywhere that hygiene is a requirement.

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