Endeavour Gantry Drills to Eliminate the Requirement to Perform Manual Lay Down for Drilling and Fitting

FICEP has been producing three spindle drill lines for bridge girders up to 13 ft. in depth for several decades. This design has become the process of choice in most parts of the world for the automatic fabrication of bridge girders.

  • Ability to process maximum flange widths of up to 70 3/4″.
  • Six position tool changer on each of the three spindles.
  • Articulation of the web spindle to be able to perform end milling of box columns for example.
  • Maximum spindle speed of 5,000 RPM on each spindle for maximum performance.
  • Direct drive flange spindles eliminates the need for internal gearboxes.

The Ficep girder gantry drills feature a unique laser probing system with expansive software to achieve the capability to locate and measure the position of the girder and its surfaces. Once this information is determined the software shifts the various hole patterns and operations relative to the actual physical configuration of the girder and it orientation. The capabilities of this system permit the processing of the girder without trying to orient the part to a machine datum. In the case of the FICEP gantry drills the girder is placed anywhere within the working envelop and the laser probe, in conjunction with our software, locates the actual part to be processed.


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