The Orient 12 Model 1201 DD CNC drill line processes material in a conventional fashion as the sections are positioned automatically to the required length dimension along the infeed and outfeed conveyor. The single or dual spindles of the 1201 DD automatically rotate up to a full 180° in less than one second to accommodate any hole requirements in either flange or the web.

The Orient can also be furnished with a sub axis for the drill spindle. Typical hole patterns, scribing, slotting and milling can be accomplished without the need to move the section.

Orient 12 Single or Dual Spindle CNC Drill Line
  • Low investment for a quick return.
  • Simple construction.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Automatic tool changer as standard.
  • Ball screw spindle feed with 2,000 RPM for carbide tools.
  • Milling of slotted holes when required using the sub axis.
  • The sub axis can be used to perform such operation as scribing, milling of large holes, etc., without the need to move the beam for optimum efficiency.
  • The Orient 12 features a Windows based CNC control for ease of operator familiarity and the ability for our tech support group to remotely assist or trouble-shoot a problem should it develop


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