Now available with sub axis spindle positioning on the Valiant to maximize drilling and scribing productivity. Drill three surfaces or scribe four surfaces simultaneously!

The ability to move each spindle with its own sub axis on the Valiant produces efficient milling of weld preps, rat holes, copes, flange thinning and mechanical openings.

  • Each spindle has a secondary axis of 10″ so holes on both flanges and the web that do not share the same length coordinate can be drilled simultaneously.
  • Underside scribing can also be added to permit scribing on four surfaces simultaneously.
  • Requires less than half the space of a conventional split system
  • Smaller capital investment
  • Single operator
  • The drill operator no longer waits for the saw operator or vice versa
  • Multi tasking software permits the sawing of one section while drilling of a different size section simultaneously.
  • Positioning of the saw after the drill eliminates the minimum length finished part that can be off loaded on the exit side of the system.
  • One common CNC control and software controls all of the functions of the saw and the drill automatically. It is not necessary to manually start the sawing process once the section is in position.
CNC Controlled Band Saw
  • The Ficep engineered and manufactured band saws have a movable magnetic back fence integrated into the design. Trim cuts, short parts and drops are automatically unloaded without operator involvement.
  • The position of the blade relative to the section being processed is automatically controlled by the software. This determines the start position, when to slow down for the web and the end of the cut
  • When a new blade is installed, the system automatically conditions the blade to achieve the optimum blade life.
  • All adjustment of the horizontal clamp positions and the blade guide position is established automatically through the software even on miter cuts.
  • When the blade should require replacement the operator is prompted.
  • Automatic sensing of blade pinching eliminates pinching forces.
  • Automatic separation of the cut part from the stock length prior to the blade withdraws to enhance blade life.
  • PC based control system for ease of operator familiarization
  • Low maintenance cost due to the utilization of a standard PC platform
  • The Ficep software eliminates the requirement for additional hardware such as third party axis control boards, PLC hardware and encoder switching boards.
  • The Ficep Windows based control is provided with the proprietary Ficep software for remote diagnostics through a phone or internet connection.

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